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Vaporesso E-cigarettes


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2 Item(s)

The Vaporesso brings safety, convenience and accessibility to the E-cigarette industry. Vaporesso looks to leverage technological advances in research and development and expert manufacturing to make e-cigarette hardware safer, with improved heating elements, more convenient with leakless tanks, and more accessible. Vaporesso imagines a world where their products change the lives of end users, whether they try to quit smoking or just vape for recreation.

E-Liquids supplied by us are compliant with the TPD legislation (Tobacco Products Directive) which came into effect in May 2016. To comply with the new legislation, e-liquid makers must now print health warnings on products and packaging that contain nicotine. The bottle and the packaging has the health warning, age restriction, batch and expiry date and the specific ingredients used to produce the ibaccy e-liquids. The e-liquids also have the brand, flavour, size, nicotine content per dose address and contact details printed on the box and the bottle itself to comply with the new regulations.

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