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Wax Melts & Warmers


24 Item(s)

24 Item(s)

Our quirky stained-glass style tart wax warmers are a great accompaniment to any room. Adding radiant light and ambience to accommodate our funky colourful wax melts which come in a range of irresistible scents. Surrounding each room with a beautiful long lasting aroma. The crackled, stained glass effects make these a perfect feature for your fireplace, window ledge and tables.

Introducing our Mainstays® Wax cube melts. A very well established wax melt manufacturer, very popular in the USA. We have made a connection with them and would you to try the magnificent scents which they offer. These come as 6 cubes which will last a while in your wax melt warmers or oil burners, leaving a long lasting line of sweetness to your air. They come in a range of almost edible smells derived from fruits, plants and even your favourite sweet treats. Also BusyBee Candles® Sell a range of scented wax melts which come in funky colours and shapes. Very appealing to the eye and not to mention the sweet candy smells. Why not add some featured aromatherapy to your life today at a bargain wholesale price!

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