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We have a large selection of excellent Wholesale body piercings and jewellery in a variety of patterns and hues. Ball closure rings, belly bars, circular barbells, body spirals, ear bars, expanders/stretchers, eyebrow bars, flesh tunnels, illusion plugs, lip bars/labrets, nipple bars, pregnancy bars, tongue bars, and expanders/stretchers are just a few of the amazing collections of body jewellery that we have on display stands. Body piercings come in a variety of forms, from the common to the extremely uncommon and difficult to heal.

Body piercing is a practice that is influenced by fads and trends. When the piercing trend went mainstream in the 1990s, belly button and eyebrow piercings became popular. The nipple and septum piercings are thought to be very trendy these days. Jewellery for body piercings ought to be hypoallergenic.

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